– 102 KM motorway running through 6 important regions

    – International standard design speed of 120 KM per hour

    – Motorway modernizes the existing road network to comply with international standards

    Sectional Breakdown
    The project is broken down into 9 Sections, going from the border of
    Albanian at Vermice to the North of Pristina.
    To take advantage of the M9 current infrastructure upgrade from a two
    lane to a four-lane road (to be completed by 2011), the Route 7 Motorway
    will defer Section 6 and utilize the M9 to reduce the overall initial project costs.

    Technical Data
    The motorway will be a two dual-lane carriageway designed to International
    standards and specifications, with a design speed of 120 km/hr throughout
    most of the motorway.
    The alignment is based off the 2006 preliminary design with additional
    optimization to reduce project costs by diverting around the mountainous region,
    which eliminates the need for tunneling and additional large structures.

  • LOCAL CONTENT - shqip

    The success of the Bechtel-Enka Joint Venture (BEJV) comes from its people.
    We are a global company with members who strive to add value to everything we do.
    We appreciate the vital role that each one of us has in meeting client
    expectations on the world’s toughest projects.

    We have in our team talented, qualified, and motivated people that joinet us
    to build the Kosovo Motorway – Kosovo’s most important infrastructure project.

    We pride ourselves as an equal opportunity employer and welcome applications
    of all qualified candidates regardless of race, language, religion, sex, ethnic
    group, national origin, color, or physical disabilities.

  • BEGP’S ROLE - shqip

    Bechtel and Enka are among the largest construction companies and are well
    known for delivering challenging projects around the world.
    Working together as an integrated team, the Bechtel-Enka Joint Venture (BEJV)
    has successfully completed projects across Europe and Asia over several decades.
    The BEJV has completed over 28,000 kilometers of highways and roads, 100 tunnels
    totaling 350 km in length, and 25 major bridge projects.

    The BEJV is engaged in and has completed key motorway projects in the region
    in some of the most difficult terrain:

    Albanian Motorway 61 km of a four-lane motorway with a 5.5 km tunnel

    Romanian Motorway 412 km four-lane motorway

    Croatian Motorway 156 km four-lane motorway

    Ankara-Gerede Motorway 228 km six and eight-lane motorway

    About Bechtel

    Bechtel is among the world’s premier engineering, construction, and project management
    companies. Since its founding in 1898, Bechtel has worked on more than 22,000 projects
    in 140 countries and all seven continents. Bechtel is a global leader in developing,
    managing, and constructing civil infrastructure, from highway, airport, and rail systems
    to regional development programs. Today, its 49,000 professional and craft employees
    are teamed with customers, partners, and suppliers on hundreds of projects in nearly
    50 countries. For more information about Bechtel visit www.bechtel.com.

    About Enka
    Enka is the largest Turkish construction and engineering company, and one of the largest
    in the world. Enka has enjoyed 50 years of successful projects in Europe, Africa, and Asia.
    For more information about Enka visit www.enka.com.

    BEGP’s Role
    BEJV will construct the motorway in sections and use its fast-track construction techniques
    to provide a completed motorway from Morine to the north junction of Pristina. BEJV is
    committed to meeting the highest of standards with regards to both safety and quality in the
    construction of the works.

    Environmental, Safety & Health Program
    BEJ V believe in a Zero Accident philosophy, and believe that every person who works on the
    Project has the right to finish their day at work in the same healthy condition in which they started.
    BEJV is focused on employing local manual workers and has developed a training program which will
    develop both ES&H knowledge and skill level, Workers are encouraged to not only embrace the Safety
    culture themselves but to assist their friends and colleagues in ensuring that the Kosovo Motorway
    Project is a safe place to work.
    In end of March more then 2500 workers were employed on the project, of which over 70% are from
    the local area. During the spring of 2011 the number of employees will increase dramatically in
    order to support the construction schedule. Workers who get the opportunity to work for and with
    BEJV will benefit from;

    – ES&H training to develop knowledge and awareness which will last a life time

    – Transfer of knowledge from foreign skilled workers

    – Experience working on a Fast-Tracked Mega Project which will benefit the entire Nation and its people.

    Quality Program
    BEJV have a comprehensive Quality Program in place and strive to perform work “right the first time,
    every time”. The program ensures that employees throughout the team are trained and aware of what they
    have to do in order to meet the Project’s standards and specifications.
    By working safely, and effectively with regards to quality BEJV will meet the target schedule.