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PRISTINA, Kosovo, April 12, 2010 – Bechtel and Joint Venture (JV) partner Enka today signed a contract with the government of Kosovo for the construction of a 102 kilometer motorway that will serve as a centerpiece of the country’s national transportation system. The four-lane motorway will start from the border with Albania at Morine and connect at the north of Pristina, Kosovo’s capital.

“We are proud to have been selected by Kosovo’s Ministry of Transportation and Communications to build this motorway,” said Mike Adams, president of Bechtel Civil, which is the company’s business unit that oversees transportation projects. “The Bechtel-Enka Joint Venture has built motorways around the world, and we look forward now to working in partnership with the Government on this important project for the development of Kosovo and its economy.”

“The Bechtel-Enka Joint Venture is very pleased to have been awarded the contract by the Kosovo Ministry of Transport and Communications to build this important motorway,” said Sinan Tara, chairman of Enka. “The motorway will be a key pillar in the development of the transportation infrastructure for Kosovo, providing access to international markets.  We are proud to be playing a role in such a significant project.”

The Bechtel-Enka JV will be responsible for design management, procurement, and construction. The project will maximize opportunities to benefit the local economy and through the use of local contractors, suppliers and employment on the project. Work is expected to begin in April 2010.

Working as an integrated team, the Bechtel-Enka JV has successfully completed infrastructure projects across Europe and Asia that include more than 28,000 kilometers of highways and roads, 100 tunnels, and 25 major bridge projects.